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More Information

  • All members/anyone who attends a class must sign a waiver.

  •  Pole dancing is a workout & will help with fitness goals including weight loss, muscle toning, & flexibility. It’s not necessary for you to “be in shape” before you start pole dancing. Pole dancing is how you get in shape & stay in shape.

  • Wear whatever you want! Shorts & athletic wear recommended. Yoga pants are a bad idea. The more exposed your skin is, the easier it is to pole dance.

  • Please no oil or lotion before class. The goal is to stick to pole.

  • There is no dressing room at Funofakind Fitness Pole Studio.  However, there is a restroom that can be utilized to change.

  • We LOVE everyone. Our studio welcomes all shapes & sizes and is very inclusive. However, please refrain from bringing your children, husband/boyfriend, or any other guests to watch.​

  • For more information on how to pay with Cash, Cash App, or Venmo. Please contact us directly.

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